Below is a list of relevant sites and resources.

This page is updated regularly to include other sites.

Re-enactment Groups


Sir William Harrington’s Companye


Swords of Chivalry

MSS logo

The Medieval Siege Society

FED logo

The Wars of the Roses Federation

Medieval Kit Suppliers

Andy Burke – Boots and Shoes

Herts Fabric – Fabric Supplier

Historic Enterprises – Clothes

Lady Jane’s Historical Clothing – Our own Bayard Seamstress!

Phil Fraser –  Belts, bags and pouches

Lulus – Sewing Patterns for different periods

Armour and weapons

Arbalist Armoury – Archery and crossbow supplies

Armour Services Historical – Armour

Cap-a-pie – Maille and armour

Derbyshire Arms – Guns

Heron Armoury – Weapons

Quiverstock – Various historical items

Replica Crossbows – Crossbows

Richard Head – Archery supplies

Tod’s Stuff – Handcrafted historical items

Living History

Back in the day – Living history items

Dougie the Wood – Authentic furniture

Period Tents – Authenetic style tents

Pewter Replicas – Pewterware

Trinity Court Potteries – Cups, tankards etc

Two J’s – Suppliers of arms


Unfound Door – Jewellery

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